Why You Should Stop Ignoring Back Pain and See a Chiropractor Near You

Whenever the body takes an impact, the spine absorbs most of the stress since it is the body’s core. The spine consists of a flexible column of bones held together by ligaments. An intricate system of muscles coordinates the spine’s movements, protects the spinal cord, and protects the tract of nerves that transmit information between the body and the brain. 

Back Pain


An impact on your spine can lead to tiny tears in your spinal ligaments. That can cause this connective tissue to weaken, allowing the vertebrae to move out of alignment. Every time your body takes an impact, the effects add up and accumulate, leading to tiny spinal misalignments. Eventually, the irritating pressure exerted on the pain-sensitive nerves between your vertebrae will tell you something is wrong.

Back pain is common. According to the American Chiropractic Association, about 80 percent of individuals experience back pain at some point. When you experience pain, it is a sign of inflammation. Some causes of inflammation that often lead to pain include structural imbalances and joint, nerve, or muscular dysfunction.

Common causes of minor back pain are muscle sprains and strains. These often result from poor posture, improper lifting, or lack of exercise. You can remedy minor back pain with an ice pack and lots of rest. However, back pain can also stem from a more severe condition, injury, or infection. In this case, the last thing you want to do is ignore your pain. 

Don’t Ignore the Pain


According to the American Chiropractic Association, back pain is one of the leading causes of disability. Unfortunately, many people still choose to ignore it, which is a bad idea. Some of the reasons why you should stop ignoring back pain include:

The Pain Will Likely Worsen


Your back pain will likely worsen rather than go away. Even if it does go away, it could easily return. Furthermore, your body could be experiencing extreme stress even in the absence of back pain.

That could cause your body to function poorly, making you more susceptible to injury and illnesses. So, when you experience any back pain or discomfort, you should visit a chiropractor.

Back Pain Could Indicate a Disease


Back pain does not always result from an injury. Sometimes, it can stem from a disease affecting your internal organs. Some conditions that can cause back pain include kidney stones, blood clots, and kidney infections. A trained and experienced chiropractor can diagnose the cause of your pain and recommend the appropriate solution. 

The Cost of an Untreated Spinal Condition Could Be Very High


You will eventually require medical intervention if you have an untreated spinal problem. Unfortunately, failure to seek early treatment could run into tens of thousands of dollars in medications, scans, surgical costs, and other expenses. Treatments like lumbar fusion can cost more than $150,000. Fortunately, seeing a chiropractor as soon as you experience back pain can save you a small fortune.

One of the most effective treatments for back pain is chiropractic care. If your condition is acute, you might need to see your chiropractor several times a week. But as you improve, you will require fewer visits.

For more on chiropractic care for back pain, visit Wellness One Chiropractic at our office in Palm Coast, Florida. Call (386) 447-9930 to book an appointment today.

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