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​​​​​​​Wellness One Chiropractic Reviews

"This place is amazing. Dr. Michael and his staff are the best. I've been getting massages here for a few years now. The prices to see the chiropractor and massages are extremely reasonable. I highly recommend this place. Nothing bad to say."

Steve Bostick

"Mike is awesome! Went in there last week with what I thought was a pinched nerve (obviously I have no idea but I was in a lot of pain lol) anyways, he helped me so much! Cracked my neck like it was nothing and my back and neck feel incredible. Had to miss my check up this morning but will be calling them to reschedule once I get my work schedule! The front ladies are very kind as well! They do not require masks, which is wonderful. Was recommended to me by my mother in law, and I'll definitely recommend to others!"


"I just want to thank them so much for shining light into a situation that we thought there was no hope. My son has severe scoliosis and is not able to have surgery due to other health concerns. After one session him, my son stands straighter, states that he hurts less, and feeling confident that there is hope for us. Thank you so much for being so kind to us, understanding with Austin, and being him on a positive path in life with this."

Sponge 473untidy

"Awesome attention kindness people and really care about patients
Very happy with their service"

José Martinez

"I have been coming to Wellness One Chiropractic for 5 years now. Getting adjusted has been park of my health and wellness routine and it's because of Dr Amberly and Mike. Whether it be a routine adjustment or coming in for specific pain, I always leave feeling great. I also visited Dr Amberly frequently during my pregnancy. I had a very easy labor and I do credit a lot of that to routine adjustments. Dr Amberly is one of the few local Webster Certified chiropractors. I highly recommend Wellness One Chiropractic. They are the best in Palm Coast & Flagler County. I am forever grateful to their practice for keeping our family healthy and feeling great!"

Megan Farrell-Nelson

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