7 Signs a Child Should See a Chiropractor

Not many people link chiropractic care with children. Most people think of a person with arthritis or a middle-aged patient when they think of chiropractic care. But this form of healthcare is quite effective in healing and enhancing your little one's health. It is also quite common. 


About 11 percent of chiropractic patients are children, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association.


What Is the Right Age for Pediatric Chiropractic Care?


It is entirely up to you. As a parent, you know your baby best. You can decide when you are ready to take them to see a chiropractor. The treatment is effective and safe even for infants. This is according to a report by All American Healthcare. However, you should schedule a consultation first if you have any concerns.


When Should Your Child See a Pediatric Chiropractor?


Your concern as a parent is the first sign that your kid might need chiropractic care. Young bodies are often resilient and flexible. Children take a good measure of bumps and fall throughout their childhood without much difficulty. 


Yet, a few minor corrections along the way can aid your kid to grow stronger and alleviate pain.  


Signs Your Child Needs Pediatric Chiropractic Care


So, what are the signs that your young one should see a chiropractor? Here are seven of them.


  • If they are always complaining about recurring pain in their neck or back.
  • If they have uneven shoulders, chiropractic adjustments can help even out their shoulders.
  • If your kid is experiencing irregular sleep patterns. Chiropractic care addresses your overall child's health. When your child's health is optimal, their circadian cycle returns to normal.
  • If they have limited neck or head mobility. A pediatric chiropractor can perform a spinal adjustment to align the joints supporting your child's neck and head.
  • If they are compensating when they are walking or standing. It shows poor posture and is rectifiable using chiropractic techniques.
  • If they have persistent ear infections. Research shows that chiropractic care enhances the proper function and efficiency of the body's drainage system. It means your child's ear will have less fluid sitting around. In turn, this means fewer ear infections.
  • If your little one is persistently sick. Kids get sick all the time. But if your child is unrelentingly ill all the time, chiropractic care may help. As the treatment enhances spine health, the central nervous system also benefits. It means their bodies can fight diseases and infections more effectively.


Other Conditions Pediatric Chiropractic Care Can Address


Children and adolescents can benefit from chiropractic care if they are experiencing:


  • Headaches
  • Growing pains
  • Asthma
  • Spinal misalignment
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Constipation
  • Digestive issues
  • Scoliosis
  • Immune system response issues
  • ADHD and autism


In Conclusion


As a parent, you might worry about your child's safety if they undergo this treatment. Your baby will not feel any discomfort unless an injury is present. Unlike adult chiropractic care, pediatric chiropractors are gentler and soothing. So, do not be afraid to take your child for chiropractic care and miss out on its benefits.


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